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When we talk of Indian cooking the first thing comes to mind is spices, sweet, difficult to make. 

Spices add to the taste, Indian food and Indian Cooking is all about good taste. 

Life without sweetness is never complete, the same way Indian food and Indian Cooking without sweets is never complete. 

Indian Food / Indian Cooking - Difficult to make, not really, just because Indian food is tasty, does not mean that Indian cooking or Indian recipes are difficult.

Indian vegetarian cooking has been Ritu's passion for a very long time. Ritu has put together easy to make and tasty Indian food recipes. All Indian Cooking recipes on are her favourites.

Latest Videos of Indian food recipes by Ritu:

Enjoy browsing the following easy to make Indian food receipes and Contact Ritu with your valued suggestions 

  • Indian Dessert Recipes : Ritu's speciality is Indian Desserts. She has put in recipes with ingredients easly availble in Super stores. She experiments with various ingredients and various styles and have some very unique indian Dessert Recipes.
  • Indian Snack Recipes : Ritu's snacks are liked by all her friends and fans. She has a lot of unique Indian snack recipes.
  • Indian Bread Recipes : Indian Bread is the main part of daily meal mostly in Northern part of India.

  • Indian Rice Recipes : Indian rice is the main part of daily meal in Southern and Eastern part of India. DIfferent kinds of rice recipes can be enjoyed with Indian curry.